Industrial Ventilation

AMC specializes in commercial ventilation, dust collecting and some Industrial HVAC. We provide complete design and installation of these systems.

industrial ventilation

Ventilation Fabrication

Custom production of environmental solutions.

Allied Metals has a breadth of expertise across industrial ventilation applications, from commercial duct work, to industrial system design and fabrication. Our projects range in specification from full environmental solutions to dust and particle collection, as well as cartridge and fan fabrication.

  • Operational mist control, duct work, mist and particle collectors.
  • Dust and fume control, cyclones, housing units, scrubbers.
  • Air transportation fabrication of supply and exhaust fans, cartridge filters, diffusers, air return and handlers.
  • Complex duct design and fabrication, from heavy to light gauge, transitions and more.

Custom Fabrication Projects

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